• What We Do

  • Khiladi Connect, as the name stands, is about connecting sports and sports lovers all across the world. Khiladi Connect aims to give aspiring sports persons, India's first ever Sports Networking and Career Management Platform - for scouts to recognise young talent; for players to get top-notch coaches to hone their skills; For coaches to update and upgrade their training abilities and give sponsors a reason to invest their money.

    Personal Portal

    Through India’s First Ever Sports Networking Portal, KhiladiConnect.com, players, coaches, sponsors, teams, recruiters, mangers, and academies can update their profiles, images, display their achievements, rankings, statistics and get recognised, while being connected!

    Add your latest Pictures, Brag about your latest achievements, let the whole world know what is happening with your team and give yourself the opportunity to hit it big.

    Academies  and Coaching Camps

    Through Khiladi Connect Academies and Camps, we’re committed to impact sports where it would have the greatest impact - at the grass-root level. It is our vision to give all able sports persons an opportunity to excel in their interested sporting discipline, by imparting the best in terms of techniques, both Physical and Mental. These Academies would offer top class training at various levels and even opportunities to play at national and international events.

    For ones who already have their own coaching set-up or academies, we invite them to join us as our Privilege Partners and forge a strategic alliance so that we could collaborate in giving the best opportunity to our students to excel.


    With able coaches and a structured training schedule, we are sure to develop an excellent group of budding sportspeople, just waiting to break out into the world of competitive sports. That's the time when we at Khiladi Connect would look at managing the career of these individual sports persons for them and help them to extract the maximum mileage for their efforts.


    It is our intention to give maximum exposure to our Players, Partners and Associates. Towards that end, we would plan to conduct different events to enhance the skills of our athletes, coaches and other associates.  The plan is to get renowned speakers and expert practitioners to conduct special events, Seminars and Camps

    We could also be organizing tournaments, Pan- India, and also abroad and conduct selection drives for these tournaments.


    It is our belief, that if one needs to impact sports in a big way, one needs to target the grass-root level. Most of the current sponsorship are targeted on the top level of every sporting discipline. The Athletes only see the light of day when they achieve something. To have a lasting impact on the grass-root  level, we need to take a closer look at the sporting Infrastructure. Most of current Infrastructure is provided by the government, however most of these facilities are used for the organization of Grade 1 tournaments. These Facilities, normally, cannot be used by the yound hopefuls. The plan would be to connect entities like schools, colleges, community premises etc to sponsors with offers that would be a win-win for all connected parties  – A partnership where the premise is provided by the institute, Infrastructure provided by the Sponsor and Managements of sporting activities handled by Khiladi Connect.

    Our target at Khiladi Connect is to enhance every area of sports, to supply the best training, to draw the best talent, to seek out hidden ones, and together do what we do best... CELEBRATE SPORT!

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