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  • Tips for Making the Most from Your Crowd-Fundraising Campaign

    In order to maximize revenue from your crowd-funding campaign, be sure your non-profit does the following three things:

    #1 – Create a Compelling Page

    The best way to get new donors to support your cause through crowd-funding sites is by creating an emotional, compelling fundraising page.  Use pictures and videos where possible, tell an amazing story, and explain to people exactly how much you need and what the money will be used for.

    #2 – Start With Your Own Network

    It’s imperative to launch your online fundraising effort by reaching out to your own network.  Tell everyone you know about your campaign – including your donors, supporters, staff, volunteers, board, etc.  Ask them to e-mail out the campaign to everyone they know, and to ask their entire network to donate to the cause.  You won’t get donations from others on a crowd-funding site until you have a good amount of traction from your own network showing that you are serious.

    #3 – Publicize the Effort

    You also want to publicize your crowd-funding campaign as much as possible.  Put it on the front page of your website.  Link to it on your Facebook page, through Twitter, etc.  Try to get your local media involved by suggesting story angles.  Take every opportunity to spread the word and get people talking about your project.

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