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  • Khiladi Connect has been founded on the belief that India is the untapped gold mine of sporting talent in the world. With 1/7th of the worlds population, we dream of making India a premier sporting nation ... where sports careers are made and sportsmen and women are equipped to compete globally.

    Khiladi Connect is founded and supported by veterans of the Banking, Financial Services and Consulting industries who share a common passion for sports. By combining their collective, global experience, Khiladi Connect has been able to galvanize sporting authorities, illustrious coaches and professional athletes to come together and start realizing India's sporting dreams.

    We realized that there is no platform that provides sports persons the assistance to convert their dream into a promising career. Due to the lack of proper facilities, expertise, infrastructure, network and most importantly awareness, most end up with unfulfilled dreams. An idea was born to came up with the a platform that would promote sports in the country. There cannot be a better medium today, other than the internet, for people to connect with other fellow sports persons - be it a player, coaches, umpires, referees, physiotherapists, nutritionist,  fitness experts, clubs, teams, sponsors or simply a sport enthusiast. A platform that parents can also leverage to stay connected and to monitor how how their children are shaping up and also to look for experts assistance for their children.

    Khiladi Connect is a platform for all the sports persons to leverage the expertise available, so as to enhance their skills and build a promising career in sports. Sports should just not remain a hobby but should be treated as a full fledged career options and has to be taken very seriously right from the beginning. Khiladi Connect promises to bring the awareness needed and provide exposure and opportunities to those individuals who want to take up sports as a career.

     To cater to the users needs, Khiladi Connect intends to launch sporting academies, specialty camps, and seminars in varied sporting disciplines to help educate people, provide them with the right kind of coaching, bring awareness, and opportunities to them to leverage. We have started with Cricket. However, our focus is to bring equal visibility, if not more, to all the other sporting disciplines, that today are not talked about as much nor are given its deserved due.

    Khiladi Connect is already affiliated with the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) via the Young Zoroastrian Gymkhana. It also conducts training camps across locations in Mumbai. Khiladi Connect will soon be expanding its portfolio of sporting disciplines and geographic footprint.

    To know more about us, contact us at info@khiladiconnect.com


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